July 22, 2014

Nigerian Air Force Mi-35 Helicopter crashes

Nigeria’s Defence Headquarters says investigation has commenced to unravel the circumstances that led to the  crash of  a Nigerian Air Force Mi-35 Helicopter on training mission Monday afternoon.The  Mi-35 Helicopter, according to the Defence Headquarters crashed due to a technical fault at a location South of Bama.

It is not clear if any life was lost but the Defence Headquarters has ruled out possibility of any attack.“The Bama Crash is not as a result of any enemy action.  Further details will be made known as Investigation continues,” the Defence Headquarters stated on social media 

US Marines Testing Unmanned Support Vehicle

Video footage of Marines maneuvering the Ground Unmanned Support Surrogate (GUSS), experimental technology being tested by the Marine Corps Warfighting Lab during Rim of the Pacific 2014 at Kahuku Training Area on Oahu, Hawaii. The GUSS is a multi-purpose support vehicle based on the ITV equipped with sensors to allow operation with or without a driver. GUSS is one of many technologies being experimented in a field environment during the Advanced Warfighting Experiment looking at new technologies and war fighting concepts for the Marine Corps of the future

China will send three Su-30s to competition held in Russia

Three Chinese Su-30MKK fighters have been dispatched to the Russian city of Lipetsk to participate in the Aviation Dart 2014 pilot competition, according to colonel Shen Jinke, the spokesperson of the People's Liberation Army Air Force as cited in the state-run China News Service.

The participation of the PLA Air Force in Aviation Dart 2014 will help Chinese pilots to establish a closer relationship with their Russian counterparts and allow Chinese and Russian pilots to learn how to work together in a combat environment, said Shen. Their navigation, aerobatic, aerial combat and ground attack skills will all be tested during the competition. "It serves as a platform for Chinese pilots to exchange their experience with others," said Shen.

Shen said that China's participation in this international pilot competition can also demonstrate the openness and confidence of the PLA Air Force 65 years after its establishment in 1949. As the air force is considered a strategic service of the PLA, Shen said it is better for it to learn more experience through communicating and exchanging with other superpowers which have strong and powerful air forces, such as Russia.

Various aircraft from the Russian Air Force, including attackers like the Su-25, Su-25SM, tactical bombers like the Su-24 and Su-34, fighters like the Su-27 and MiG-29, strategic bombers like the Tu-22M3 and cargo planes like the Il-76 will be in the exercise as well. Shen said that the exercise is being held to improve the coordination between Chinese and Russian pilots, but not directly or indirectly against any third nation in the northeast Asian region

SpaceX launches ORBCOMM OG2 Mission 1

AIM 9 Sidewinder on USAF F 22

THE VERY LAST F-22 aircraft built for the US Air Force

India's Mars orbiter completes about 80 percent of its journey - Indian Space Agency tweets

Inching closer to the red planet, India's Mars orbiter spacecraft has covered more than 540 million kilometres, about 80 percent of its journey for its rendezvous with the planet scheduled for 24 September. In the last crucial milestone, ISRO performed the second Trajectory Correction Manoeuvre on the spacecraft on June 11 by firing the spacecraft's 22 Newton thrusters for 16 seconds. Mid-course corrections are done to keep the spacecraft on course. Another trajectory correction manoeuvre is planned for August before ISRO performs the Mars Orbit Insertion in September.

After ghosts in London hotels, Lords pitch too has ghosts.

Farnborough 2014 display Royal Air Force Vulcan strategic bomber

Hamas Shooting from Within Homes to cause civilian deaths

IDF Thwarts Hamas Infiltration into Israel

MH17 Wreckage Photo Shows Evidence of Shrapnel

The Financial Times posted a photo of what appears to be wreckage from the Malaysian Airlines jetliner peppered with shrapnel damage from an anti-aircraft missile.SAM systems destroy aircraft by exploding in the airspace in which the aircraft is flying. The resulting shrapnel destroys the aircraft.

Stupid sky news reporter Colin Brazier, reporting from the scene, rummaged through victim's suitcase.
He appears to be picking up what appears to be a bottle of shampoo.


HQ-16 SAM in Tibet

HQ-16 SAMs of 651st Independent Air Defense Brigade.This will be a permanent deployment of HQ-16 in Tibet.

May 2014 photos of air defense drilll in Tibet

New maps for Chinese armed forces created

These maps show South China Sea and Arunachal Pradesh as part of China.

FSA attacks a building full of Syrian soldiers in Homs

Anti-tank missile defense - Rafael Trophy - system makes debut in Gaza

According to reports from the front, since the beginning of the ground operation last Thursday night, the system has successfully intercepted five anti-tank missiles that were aimed at armored IDF vehicles in Gaza.

Operation Protective Edge is the first real test of Wind Jacket (known internationally as Trophy), the first-of-its-kind active-defense system for tanks and armored personnel carriers (APCs).

The defense system is based on radar from Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. unit ELTA Systems, which identifies anti-tank or RPG fire headed towards the armored vehicle. When the threat is identified, the system works automatically, with no need for the tank crew to be aware of, or to operate it in real time: it calculates the rocket or missile’s trajectory, and, if it finds that it is headed for the vehicle on which it is installed, it intercepts and detonates it at a safe distance from the vehicle.

The first successful interception was in March 2011, when an RPG-7 rocket was intercepted above an IDF tank on patrol along the Gaza border. In addition, the system informs the tank crew of the exact location from which the missile or rocket was launched, so the crew can return fire accurately and hit the target.

Second DN-2000 Vessel of Vietnamese Coast Guard will be Launch in November 2014

After a period of complete superstructure, CSB 8002 vessel was brought up momentum, proceed to assemble the machinery to prepare for the ceremony to launch in November.CSB 8002 class ships DN-2000 is closed from the start of 2012 by shipbuilder Song Thu (Autumn Song Corporation - Department of Defense) made ​​to its design Damen (Netherlands). After the dragon modules, the plant was urgently assembled the device in the cockpit.According to Song Thu Company representative, will conduct immediate installation of electrical systems along the hull and 4 diesel electric propulsion C3516C manufactured by Caterpillar (USA) production. With four engines on the ship can reach a maximum speed of 21 knots / hour. All the equipment and technology used on ships are produced by the firm Damen, was imported under the supervision of experts Vietnam and the Netherlands.

All the basic parameters of CSB 8002 vessel similar to the "sister" CSB 8001 (marine police payroll for the 3, based in Vung Tau) are: length 90 m; 14 meters wide; stretch of water quantity 2,500 tons full load ...
According to Dutch experts, drawn from the experience of shipbuilding CSB 8001 as part of a helicopter flight deck that was short-Hong Ha shipbuilding company to additional processing parts. Therefore, the tail of the train parked CSB 8002 were made longer.In addition, CSB 8002 vessel was painted a special coating. After launching, the ship will be staffing the Coast Guard Region 2

Iraq Air Force attacks Caliphs army

F-35 at Farnborough

July 21, 2014

Plane carrying US special forces makes an emergency landing on a tarmac road near Kampala, Uganda

Jewish Settlers in the Hamas Stronghold of Hebron: Rockets and Revenge

A dozen Iraqi army tanks storms Tikrit city center

Eurofighter pilot highlights the brand new radar system

Battle for Tripoli International Airport, Libya

Militiamen have stepped up their assault on Libya´s main airport, controlled by rival fighters, which has left at least 47 dead in a week.

Brand new Afriqiyah Airways Airbus A330 hit by rocket

Libyan Air Cargo Ilyushin 76T 5A-DNG , destroyed in Tripoli International Airport

Photos: https://www.facebook.com/LibyanSpotter

Free Syrian Army seize tons of explosive belongs to Islamic State based on information from a ISIS Caliphate fighter

Chinese PLA Military exercises

Large scale Blue Forces vs Red Forces exercises of Chinese peoples liberation Army

Israeli Navy Performs Targeted Strike in Gaza.

Missile enters thru house window of the building in center below

IDF Paratroopers Blow Up Tunnel in Gaza

Indian Government approves 32 new HAL Dhruvs for Indian Navy and Coast Guard

The Indian Government  yesterday approved INR 7000 crore ($1.1 billion) valued contract for procurement of 32 new HAL Dhruvs for Indian Navy and Coast Guard.

General characteristics:

Crew: 1 or 2 pilots
Capacity: 12 passengers (14 passengers with high density seating) or 4 stretchers.
Length: 15.87 m (52 ft 0.8 in)
Rotor diameter: 13.20 m (43 ft 3.7 in)
Height: 4.98 m (16 ft 4.06 in)
Disc area: 137 m² (1,472 ft²)
Empty weight: 2,502 kg (5,515 lb)
Useful load: 2,600 kg (5,731 lb)
Max. takeoff weight: 5,500 kg (12,125 lb)


8 Anti-tank guided missiles
4 Air-to-air missiles
4 x 68 mm Rocket Pods (Air-Force & Army)
2 Torpedoes
Depth charges or Anti-ship missiles

SR - 71 Supersonic Blackbird

Iranian Air Force F-4 Phantom Crashes

Photo: IRIAF F-4E Phantom II over Tehran. March 2013. (theaviationist.com)

An IRIAF F-4E Phantom II fighter jet crashed in southern Fars province on Tuesday 07/15/2014. The pilot and the co-pilot were killed. IRIAF Brig. Gen. Hossein Mohammadi, the Air Force commander for Fars region.Gen. Mohammadi said the F-4E was based at Bandar Abbas AFB, but had taken off from Shiraz and crashed at 11:15 am local time (0645 GMT) near Bakhtegan Lake in Fars province. The identities of the pilots were not released. (ISNA/Press TV, 15 July)

Iran purchased some 260 F-4s during the Shah’s government in late 1960s and 70s. The first combat use of F-4s was in 1975 when the Shah supported Omani government against the separatist rebels in Dhofar. The F-4s also played key role in the 8-year Iran-Iraq war. To this day the F-4 remains the workhorse of IRIAF, with an estimated 60 F-4s still in service. Last year, the Phantoms were fitted with Qader anti-ship cruise missiles to give Iran air-launched cruise missile capability.

Iraqi forces operating 52 kms from Baghdad

France company DCNS secures $1.7b deal in Egypt to sell four naval frigates

French shipyard group DCNS has reportedly received a €1bn order from Egypt for four Gowind-class corvettes, fighting off competition from Germany's ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems and the Dutch Damen Schelde group.The DCNS company, in which the French state has a majority stake, won the contract to provide four corvette frigates to the Egyptian navy. "The contract is worth about 1 billion euros and was finalised last month," a French diplomatic source said. "It's the first big deal since we sold Mirage fighters (warplanes) about 20 years ago."

Egypt is concerned about the threat of Islamist militants launching attacks within the country and the worsening security situation in neighbouring Libya.

July 20, 2014

FSA use heavy anti aircraft to stop the syrian warplanes in the sky in Idlib

Israel Redirects Attack to Avoid Civilian Casualties

First-Hand Look at Israeli Ground Invasion

U.S. Recon Team Assaults Taliban Position Under Fire

Army infantry reconnaissance squad in Nurah Lam, Laghman Province, assaulting a Taliban compound.The video shows an RPG that the Taliban threw down as they retreated from their positions, as they closed within 25 meters.

Vietnam debuts 2 locally-made missile warships

The Vietnam People’s Navy on Thursday conducted a flag raising ceremony for two fast-attack missile ships of Molniya class, the first of its kind to have been built locally in Vietnam.The ceremony to debut the new vessels, HQ377 and HQ378, was held at the military port of Naval Zone 2 in southern  Dong Nai Province.

The ships were earlier handed over by the Ministry of Defense to Brigade 167 of Naval Zone 2.The vessels, designed based on a Russian version, were built at the Ba Son shipyard under the General Department of Military Industry.These vessels are equipped with advanced weapons with state-of-the-art functions.Each of the warships is equipped with 16 missiles arranged into four modules for launch on its sides, two AK-630 shipborne artillery systems with 4,000 shells each, which can fire 4,000-5,000 shots per minute.

Royal Malaysian Air Force to dispatch two C-130s to Ukraine

The Royal Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) will dispatch two C-130 Hercules aircraft to Ukraine to assist the Malaysia Airlines (MAS), MH17 Post-tragedy Investigation and Management Team in its operations.
MAF chief General Tan Sri Zulkefli Mohd Zin said a 15-member medical team had also been sent to the area."We are fully prepared to assist where we can," he told reporters after breaking fast with officers and personnel at Masjid An-Nur Kem Desa Pahlawan, Eighth Infantry Brigade base here last night.

The post-tragedy investigation and management team left Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) for Kiev at 8 pm last night.

Latest PLAAF J 20 aircraft Frontal photo

Israel Special Forces Strike First destroy rocket launcher

Exclusive News Footage of MH17 Aftermath

Warning Graphic images

Pakistan Army displays Operation Zarb-e-Azb captured weapons in North Wazirstan

Farnborough highlights from this week

Airbus A400M Atlas Farnborough 2014

F/A-18 Demo Farnborough Airshow 2014

Turkish Air Force T-129 cutting-edge attack helicopter at Farnborough

New RAF Typhoons to carry Storm Shadow missiles

Photo: Wikipedia

Storm Shadow missiles were previously been deployed on Eurofighter's Tornado aircraft during operations over Iraq and Libya.An agreement worth about $205 million between a NATO agency and Eurofighter GmbH.The missiles, which first became operational in 2002, will be integrated onto Typhoons entering the Royal Air Force in 2018.

French Bastille Day Parade 2014

Air Force


July 19, 2014

Watch how the dude wearing black clothes runs after inserting the mortar.

Chinese spy ship off Hawaii keeps track of RIMPAC

Other ELINT boats of the same class

At the same time China was invited into Pearl Harbor to participate in Rim of the Pacific exercises for the first time, it also has had a spy ship parked off Hawaii, U.S. Pacific Fleet confirmed Friday.

The People's Liberation Army Navy auxiliary general intelligence ship has been operating within the United States 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zone around Hawaii, but not within the 12-nautical-mile territorial seas, said Capt. Darryn James, spokesman for U.S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor.This year's RIMPAC naval exercise, the 24th in the series that began in 1971, runs from June 26 to Aug. 1 in and around Hawaii and San Diego. Twenty-two nations, 49 surface ships, six submarines, more than 200 aircraft and 25,000 personnel are participating.The Navy previously confirmed that China sent an AGI spy ship near Hawaii in 2012 during the last RIMPAC exercise.

"The bottom line is that we're closely monitoring it," James said Friday. "I think it's important for us to say that we can assure the public that we've taken all precautions necessary to protect critical information. We're not surprised that it's there."The Chinese surveillance ship "is operating in waters in accordance with international law, and we do the same," James said. "The U.S. Navy operates in the waters beyond the territorial seas of coastal nations around the world in accordance with international law. So China's AGI is permitted to do the same."