October 23, 2014

New improvised Syria Army weapon - unguided ground-launched “Elephant” bomb

Used in Zamalka

Used in Jobar

Ahrar al-Sham [finally] releases full 19-min video showing their Special Forces training camp “Usood al-Harb"

USAF MQ-9 Reaper crashed in Niger

A U.S. MQ-9 Reaper crashed early Monday at the Diori Hamani International Airport in Niamey, Niger, the Air Force confirmed.

The mishap damaged the runway but caused no injuries, according to the Air Force.“The U.S. government is working closely with the government of Niger to secure the scene and mitigate inconveniences caused by the incident,” the Air Force said in a statement. “The cause of the incident is currently under investigation. More information will be released pending an investigation by U.S. Air Force officials.”The Air Force deployed about 100 airmen and drones to Niamey last year to help share intelligence with French forces in Mali, along with keeping an eye on militants in the region, President Obama told Congress at the time.

The Reaper was returning from a surveillance mission and was unarmed, according to the Air Force.
Last month, the U.S. announced it was considering moving the drones and personnel about 450 miles north to Agadez, a city of about 88,000 people with a small airstrip. The government of Niger requested the move to better position the drones to watch threats in the region.The Air Force will convene an investigation board to determine the cause of the crash.

Two IDF Soldiers Wounded in Attack on the Egyptian Border

The 2 wounded are IDF infantrywomen from the Caracal Battalion.

Photo - IDFBlog

Earlier today, two IDF soldiers of the Caracal Battalion were injured by fire directed at them from Egypt. Though this aggression follows two years of relative stability in the region, not long ago violent incidents on the border were not unusual.

At around 2:00 PM this afternoon, an anti-tank missile was fired at a vehicle on the Israeli-Egyptian border. Two Israeli soldiers were wounded and evacuated to a hospital by a helicopter. The injuries are medium to mild. The IDF is currently sending forces to the area to determine if there was an infiltration into Israel. The residents of Ezoz were told to stay in their homes.

International Homeland Security Exhibition “INTERPOLITEX-2014”.

October 22, 2014

Russia to build 12 nuclear-powered Leader destroyers

The Navy of Russia intends to order 12 advanced Leader destroyers. A half of them will be designed for the Northern Fleet, and another half - for the Pacific Fleet, officials with the Defense Ministry of Russia said. The lead ship will join the Russian Navy not earlier than in 2023-2025.

"Six of these ships are to be built for the Northern Fleet and six more - for the Pacific," an unnamed source said. The Leader will be presented in two versions - with a nuclear and gas turbine power generating units.

For the time being, the Leader is not included on the state armaments program before 2020. Its construction will be carried out under the shipbuilding program that runs through 2050. The works on the project are to start next year.

Canada journalist captures outbreak of small-arms fire inside Parliament building in Ottawa.


Iraq updates

Turkey has finally relented and allowed Iraqi Kurds to join the Syrian Kurds in the fight against ISIS.

Here is Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga going to Kobane againts ISIS through Turkey.

RAF Jets Attack ISIS Main Battle Tank Near Ramadi

Tank hiding amongst date palms

Indonesia plans to purchase Russian submarines

Representative photo

Russia and Indonesia are considering the possibility of expanding military and technical cooperation, including supplies of Russian submarines, Russian Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov said on Tuesday after his meeting with new Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

The two countries hope to boost inter-state trade from $3 billion to $5 billion in the next two years, Manturov said. There are plans for energy cooperation and for construction of Russian oil refineries in Indonesia. “Our Indonesian counterparts have raised this issue for the first time,” the minister said. “We are ready to discuss and develop this area.”Another issue under discussion concerns cooperation in military supplies, Manturov said. “Indonesia already has experience in purchasing our equipment — helicopters, planes, armored vehicles and other items,” he said. "We are considering the possibility of supplying the Project 636 diesel-electric submarines (to Indonesia)," he noted.