October 30, 2014

Chatter amongst state hackers on avoiding IP address logging

Modern stealthy ways during the use of the Internet

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1. Dial:

It is one of the oldest means and ways to contact the Internet, and where logging your IP address on the server you are connecting to and the time that I called him and the phone number that you used in communication, as well as all the sites you have visited.
These data and information are all recorded in the so-called (black box) Black Box's, which is committed to putting Internet-enabled companies.
This fund is a recording devices as in the case of aircraft, but in fact operate CCProxy   Proxy When you browse a Web site is registered the desired location and number of IP and of course, your phone number and you are in danger, they can get Mufdiltk Favorites and access to the sites that I visited earlier as well as e-mail that you used and the password that you used if you log may be automatically saved ...
It is difficult in fact to preserve their data and protect it, especially in the use of this method of communication.
2. Other communication methods (DSL - Cable)
These methods of communication, which is also not devoid of seriousness, Apart from being a touch on the clock it records your data much easier than dial-up.
Some think that the best way to hide is to use a so-called proxy ... but I regret to tell you that you are wrong .. Apart from the fact that the proxy itself that house, use spy tool, recording and monitoring is also easy and open to the sites you visit and can prevent you from entering also, try visit Yahoo site yahoo.com time using proxy and again without using it and you will know what we mean.

Well now we will come to know the ways of stealth or deception ...
The first method may be somewhat weak but can not browse in private forums, magazines or blogs to follow, and we here at the browsers without the participation and interaction ... and here is a way to use a proxy of some kind
high anonymity or what is sometimes called elite proxy
Types are found from this proxy supports the SSL and types are not supported and we are interested in the way that supports SSL
What is the SSL?
Proxies that support the SSL enables you to use the HTTPS protocol, for example, e-sites and some electronic trading sites, works of this Protocol, a protocol for encrypted data transfer can not capture data in the case sent to the site is working on this protocol.
2. The second method Copier VPN any way browsing through imaginary networks and is the most powerful method of problem at all and it is available to the public, where you must pay for the service of a foreign foreign companies
How this method works. ??
- Interference with ease on the Internet in any way accustomed
- Then you connect using VPN company and through a user name and password
- Is then converted your address on the Internet and everything about you upside down
Try visiting the Yahoo! site, using this method, or visit any site reveals your Ip address or tested in any way, even on your device itself .. Try to know your Ip number of your device
You'll discover that your computer itself was tricked! .....
Indeed, the Internet company that you do not feel the joint you surf the Internet at all because he did not arrive for your data on the Internet to surf the Web and otherwise
This is not only   But there are companies that provide e-mail service does not send your data at all, something else your data through this communication can not be defined by any one because it will be encrypted to the highest degree 128. Bit Encryption
Note: You can see the numbers of private IP you through a message is sent to your address, and when you open the message ... is that you notify the sender opened the message and the message contains IP address of your .. and this is something very important and overlooked by a lot and something that was not in mind you are using a proxy to browse websites and do not imagine you have to be safe when you log in to your.

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Your brother hacker Islamic State



ISIS battle Iraq army convoy in Tikrit.
Militants have established themselves parallel to the road and have a machine gun at the mouth of the exit.

Egypt starts setting up a buffer zone with Gaza

The move came following two of the most violent anti-state attacks killed more than 33 security personnel in the Sinai Peninsula on Friday.

Egyptian soldier entering a smuggling tunnel

Egypt’s security forces started evacuating resident living along the border with the Gaza Strip, in order to create a buffer zone with neighboring Palestine.

Many in the area already packed their belongings and began to leave, just one day after the announcement from Cairo made the eviction official.

Petrochemical complex and war loot near Al nasiri , Homs Syria falls into ISIS hands


The most important spoils obtained by ISIS:
- Five tanks
- Two vehicles BMB
- Minesweepers
- Cornet launching pad and a number of missiles Alkornett
- Armored maintenance
- Heavy Equipment "Bulldozer and Bokhlinat and winches"
- A variety of cars
- Many of the heavy, medium and light machine guns
- Assorted ammunition calibres and huge quantities

Check out SANCO cylinders here:


ISIS-themed Halloween costumes hit social media

Social media was flooded this week with pictures of people dressing up as fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).The ISIS-themed costumes come in all types and forms both for males and females.



Russia Test Fires Bulava Sea-Based Ballistic Missile

Russian Navy has successfully test-fired a Bulava submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) from the Borey-class Yury Dolgoruky nuclear-powered submarine. The missile was launched from the submerged submarine at a location in the Barents Sea and hit a designated target at the Kura test range on Russia’s Kamchatka peninsula.

The three-stage Bulava SLBM carries up to 10 independent warheads and has a range of 8,000 kilometers (5,000 miles).

Ukraine War - An Ukrainian S-300 convoy passed Odessa today 29.10.2014

South Korea may take legal action against BAE Systems for KF-16 upgrade as locally made FA-50 aircraft get deployed

South Korea government may take legal action against BAE Systems for its failure to implement a KF-16 upgrade at an already agreed upon price.BAE has demanded an additional 203.1 billion won ($193 million), but DAPA(Defense Acquisition Program Administration) refused to pay.

BAE Systems was chosen over Lockheed Martin, the manufacturer of the F-16 jets, in August 2012 as the primary contractor for the upgrade of 130 KF-16C and D Block aircraft because it offered a lower price than nearest competitor Lockheed Martin.If BAE fails to deliver on the contract, it would force DAPA to turn to Lockheed Martin at an additional cost.The delay in the program and extra costs should be shouldered by the party that reneges on the deal, according to DAPA.

South Korean President Park Geun-hye called on the military Thursday to remain in full readiness as she hailed the operational deployment of South Korea's FA-50 aircraft at an air force base in Wonju, some 130 kilometers southeast of Seoul.

Last month, South Korea's Air Force deployed a squadron of 20 FA-50 aircraft and there are further plans to deploy 40 more FA-50 fighter jets in coming years.The FA-50 is a light attack variant of the T-50 Golden Eagle supersonic trainer that was co-developed by KAI and U.S. defense firm Lockheed Martin. It is the most advanced variant of the T-50 family operated by the South Korean Air Force.

After the speech, Park watched as two FA-50 jets executed an aerial maneuver.

Pakistan DG ISPR General Asim Bajwa says Pakistan will not allow terrorists to use its soil

This press conference comes in the backdrop of latest Ayman Al-Zawahiri video for the subcontinent was shot in Pakistan , mastermind of Mumbai blasts in in Karachi along with Hafiz Saeed are being protected by Pakistani intelligence agency ISI.

Afghanistan not cooperating with Pakistan Army... by etribune

Kim Jong Un climbs into a Mig 29 cockpit

Photos of first public visit to military faculty after after surgery.