April 5, 2014

Boeing to Sell Aircraft Parts to Iran; GE to Overhaul Engines for Iran Air

Feb 2006: Tupolev crashes in Tehran, kills 29 people
Dec 2005: C-130 military transport plane crashes near Tehran, kills 110
Feb 2003: Iranian military transport plane crashes in south of country, kills all 276 on board
Dec 2002: Antonov 140 commuter plane crashes in central Iran, kills all 46 people on board
Feb 2002: Tupolev crashes in west Iran, kills all 199 on board

The U.S. Treasury Department today issued a license for Boeing to sell aircraft parts to Iran. Meanwhile, General Electric announced today that it too has received license to overhaul 18 engines sold to Iran Air in late 1970s.

The licenses were issued under the Joint Plan of Action (JPOA) signed in Geneva last November between Iran and the world powers.The Boeing license allows the giant aerospace company to provide “spare parts that are for safety purposes.” Boeing will still not be allowed to sell new planes to Iran. (AFP, 4 April)

Meanwhile, GE spokesman Rick Kennedy said the Treasury’s approval will allow the company to service 18 engines at facilities owned by GE or Germany's MTU Aero Engines, which is licensed to do the work. GE officials will meet with Iran Air and MTU in Istanbul next week to discuss the project. (Reuters, 4 April)

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